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Hydroseeded Lawns

Hydroseeding is the process of mixing seed, fertilizer, and mulch with water in correct proportions in a tank and then spraying this mixture onto designated lawn areas. Other materials can be added to the mix, such as lime to adjust the soil PH for maximum growth. Tackifier, a glue-like substance which causes the mix to create a crust, is often added to prevent soil erosion on hills and slopes and allow for better water absorption.

Benefits of Hydroseed:

Hydroseeding allows us to custom blend the seed into the best mix for your existing soil. With an proper watering, a newly hydroseeded lawn is ready to mow in three weeks.
Benefits of hydroseed:

  • Seed mix is tailored to your site
  • Seed is distributed evenly
  • Fertilizer is applied at the same time
  • Seed germinates faster
  • A higher percentage of the seed germinates
  • Soil erosion is minimized
  • Cost is much lower than sod

Trees and Shrubs

Every plant, tree or shrub is hand-selected by OUTBACK Enteprises Landscapers. All plantings have to meet our criteria or we won’t accept the plant.

We provide plants from local wholesale nurseries. We provide and plant shrubs, flowers and trees to beautify your landscape. We also install plants that the customer provides. All shrubs are planted by us with a complete mix of soil amendments.

Retaining Walls and Patios

OUTBACK Enteprises, LLC can help increase your overall property value and curb appeal with complete customized designs of retaining walls and paver patios.

Replace those old rotted railroad ties and landscaping timbers with a beautifully constructed retaining wall.

Don’t want to settle for that old concrete patio? Paver Patios are an excellent substitution for that drab gray concrete slab.

Sidewalks and custom steps will add beauty to any landscape.

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